Search for the snake, belive in Jesus.

Search for the snake, belive in Jesus.

Search for the snake, belive in Jesus.

Ask yourself: who profits from mass vaccinations and digital passports?

Covid vaccinations and restrictions where never about health issues.

They where and are about control (establishing digital Passports), psychological programs (fear) and therefore more power and wealth for the super rich.

Probably the next big thing after Covid lockdowns will be Climate lockdowns.

They call it Build Back Better or Green new Deal or simply The Great Reset.

Before this will happen Covid restrictions will apply against unvaccinates people and make it difficult or impossible for them to travel.
Only multiple annual vaccinations will grant you access to the Covid (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) passport and therefore enable you for traveling.

Covid Vaccines will make you sick and changes your DNA.

After a short period of time also vaccinated sheep’s will start to struggle with traveling because of political made obstacles. Politicians will sell this as green achievements = Cimate Lockdowns.

CO2 will become a religion.

The upcoming financial crisis is willingly implemented. One of the next versions of the Covid Passport will include government crypto currency. Later on an expiry date of the amout I.e. monthly or other short regular periods will be implemented.

There will be shortage of food, water and energy, willingly done by governments.

Deportation is a goal.

Mass Media worldwide is being purchased, infiltrated and manipulated by very few persons and organizations like Soros, Gates and others.

It was never about a Virus, it’s about control.
“Event 201” was the Agenda, exactly like “Operation Lockstep” by the Rockefeller Foundation. Read them!

Vaccines will include already patented substances and materials enabling tracking and surveillance. For example the MIT luciferase Patent.

Ukraine – USA corruption explained:

Delivering vaccines directly to the lungs is possible, study finds.

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Microsoft Patent 060606 Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.

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